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No Vacancy 04:14
V1 I don’t want no shit from you Hypocrites and selfish fools Lust for power your decision Waste all Want more is your mission Shut your scheming, whiney ass! Your words choke like poison Gas C1 Now we make our case Running this death race Rushing headlong brace Crushing all we face! Thought creators guess Which way we’ll go next Fighting all regress As we kick, your Ass! V2 I don’t need your “Vaccine” ask This forced Jab, this Soiled Mask Target painted on my chest Cuz I don’t buy your PC crap And I’m completely out of step With Pandemic fear Duress C2 Thought creators guess Which way we’ll go next Fighting all regress As we kick, your Ass! Now we make our case Running this death race Rushing headlong brace Crushing all we face!
S.T.D. 02:55
V1 In this world of, Black and White Grey doubts are choking out the light 12 steps in and half a step out Feel like I’m gonna lose my mind! Old emotions Trying to live again Tell another soul all your sin V2 Sometimes grey is all you’ve got Reaching for something new takes might Seems to be half the fight Choosing a god to cure your disease Half a step in, 12 steps out A battle that comes from within Surrender, let the healing begin Bridge Though I have all these questions I still can’t see But there’s a clear reflection Of who I wanted to be Outro Pushing back, covert mind attacks Rushing toward, this wall I’ve climbed before Crashing in, let the games begin Standing fast, to usher in a new age
Pressure 03:07
V1 Building up and taking risks Something we don’t do with Fists No time now cuz it’s all over No time I’m always under… C1 Pressure Pressure On my mind Pressure Pressure All the time V2 My back’s against the wall With no reprieve I’m going to stall Climbing, Climbing no more Air Gotta’ break this frozen stare In this world of constant motion Beyond the sky, beneath the Ocean Rocket Slide the speed of Sound It’s building, building, building into… C2 Pressure Pressure Robbing Peace Pressure Pressure Need release Lead/Bridge Outro Pressure Pressure from all sides Pressure building, suffocating, pounding on me ALL THE TIME!!
The Circus 03:01
Intro (Ringmaster talking) Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen, Kids of all ages! Step right up and don’t be shy. Never ever has there been such a complete shit show like we have for you tonight! You’ll be amazed, you’ll be dazzled, you’ll be perplexed by the sheer Fuckery of it all. Yes fine citizens… The Tri-Lateral Consortium is pleased to bring you, The Ding-a-ling Brothers, Harm Em’ and Pay me Circus!!! V1 Please direct your attention, to 1st Ring Where we have all three branches, and their King The more your money feeds them, the more they sing The sound of bloated bigot’s, familiar ring The Spin is quicker than the eyes But you won’t recognize the ties Cuz’ rhetoric has cauterized And it should come as no surprise C1 That the Showmen in the pits don’t give a shit about your rights Watch Snowmen with the Rips, on the Dumbbox every night. Power, Power grab more Power, win without a fight Look at them all Spin and Spin, just gotta’ tell the story right! V2 So when the Circus comes to town Animals watch us act like Clowns The Art and Science of the Stages? Running the Show from Monkey cages You see it’s called Democracy Not our Circus, not our Monkeys But the Republic we’ve created Has made U.S. fat and left us jaded C2 Something wicked this way comes, no banners, flags or marching drums No lines defined, no Cannon’s blast, cuz ones and zeros move too fast Lower, Lower, we sink Lower, not attentive to our past Once we’ve realized it, we’ll hit Critical Mass V3 Watch all the Scholar’s fodder fly A narrative clouded with lies Then just watch them all change their minds You’ll stop counting at 50 times C3 Now we pull the Curtains back, on this untruth attack The Big Top has become a trap, diversionary overlap The Center Ring is sinking fast, a correlation of our past Though tonight the show is over… The actors will be back! The lights are on but please stay seated… History will be repeated! (Ringmaster talking over outro) Thank you Ladies and Gentlemen for complying! I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more of each other from now on… whether you like it or not!
Rudimentary 02:02
V1 Always do what you say, don’t ever ask “Why?” Everything is fine as long as you, agree to comply Don’t want forced aggravation, just keep it inside Just gotta’ face the day, just gotta’ survive Chorus Rudimentary, it’s Rudimentary Living in a world of “Wannabes” Punch the clock lose a day Occupational Malaise V2 When you touch the fire, you feel the scorch Appetite with no real empathy, and no remorse Get in line to quench their hunger, to forge their greed Realize that once they taste you, now you’re their meal Lead/Bridge V3 We Drive that cold machinery, we drive it well Can’t wash off retribution, that Corporate smell Listen to the sound of Freedom, now Free your mind Go get a taste of what you’re missing, while there’s still time Repeat Chorus Go die, we won’t comply!!
Not Dead 01:42
V1 I don’t care about what you say I wish that you’d go away You don’t have a say in how I live I don’t have two fucks to give for you bullshit mandates bullshit shots bullshit masks bullshit rules bullshit wokeness bullshit theories bullshit tolerance bullshit tools All the shit you stuff down my throat Shove it all up your ass I never liked you in the first place I’m just fine go eat a Bag of dicks!! V2 You’re a threat to all that know you All the lengths that you will go to I don’t fucking care what you think All your’ ideas make me wanna’ puke!! Southbay Hardcore motherfuckers! Bridge V3 I don’t care about what you say I wish that you’d go away You don’t have a say in how I live I don’t have two fucks to give cuz… I’M NOT DEAD!!
Soiled Mask 03:19
V1 Obesely morbid Social fiending Collective opinion screening Selling souls for affirmation Emotional Monetization I don’t trust my government Monopolies and “Group Think” bent “They” know, “They” see, all my intent This soiled mask feels permanently C1 But I don’t have to fucking like it And I don’t have to fucking wear The Soiled Mask they call protection That keeps the herd so unaware V2 Fuck the politics of greed Shadow Puppets, Hawker’s seed Big Tech fucking Hipster seepage Disinformational creepage Fuck a deadly new disease This Soiled Mask economy Assertions of Desertion breed Eugenic perplexities Bridge C2 No I don’t trust my government Monopolies and “Group Think” bent “They” know, “They” see, all my intent This Soiled Mask is permanent! But we don’t have to fucking take it Populous Opinion’s wares The Soiled Mask of Liberators Synthetic hive mind auctioneers C3 But we don’t have to fucking take it And we don’t have to fucking wear The Soiled Mask they call protection That keeps the herd so unaware No Shit! I’d say we’ve had enough of it No Shit! No Shit! We don’t want your government Tit SOILED MASK!!
Angry Church 02:48
V1 We’ve been waiting welcome to the fray All you need to do is obey Never mind your rationality A useful idiot is what we need Bind yourself with rage you cannot see Stewing in deep antipathy Injustice is the flavor of the day Indignance is the only way Soon you'll take offense to everything Wallowing in Toxic Waste Losing your ability to cope Now you know there is no hope Adapted to the group depravity As you join the hive mentality Dizzy as you quickly lose control Now a full blown member of the cult V2 Cool-aid is the beverage of the day Dying on a hill you cannot save Misery desires company Doesn’t matter where your logic leads Now you don’t have any good excuse I don’t care how you identify Not about the color of your skin You’re fighting a battle you can’t win AN-GRY CHURCH!! GO! Bridge/Lead V3 Now you’ve really left us with no choice Wokeness doesn’t mean you have a voice If you really understood this rash stupidity you would apologize and seek some mental help Don’t rely on the fortuity Of an overweight society Once you get all that you wanted, bought some line of shit you’ll see it’s like lipstick on a Pig An-gry Church!
Sludge Gut 03:07
V1 Don’t ask me questions Just do what you’re told Re-education’s what you need Another brick in “The Wall” Wrongthink is your redemption You just carry the load You won’t decide for yourself Always got to fit the mold Bridge1 Chorus Cuz you got that Slow Roll, Sludge Gut Can’t get up out of that rut Slow Roll Sludge Gut Can’t see the Blade but it cuts V2 You say it’s all about my dedication To a collective reprieve But the words you say make me remember What it means to be Free Bridge2/Lead1 Breaking out Digging in No matter what you do to me I know I’m gonna’ win Facing down Rising up I don’t need your identity To tell me who I am C2 Cuz you got that Slow Roll, Sludge Gut Can’t see the Blade but it cuts Slow Roll Sludge Gut Can’t get up out of that rut Bridge3/Lead2 Turning Right Watching Left No matter what you say to me I know, that I’ll always win!!
Control 03:44
V1 Wake up in my world Sirens sounding Constant voices swirling Fucking with my head Brace my shivering mind Talking all the time Just want to stop and Drink this crap out of my my Head C1 Cuz I can’t Lose Con-trol I can’t Lose Con-trol (3 times) V2 Got some major issues It’s worth repeating Can’t shake these things I’m seeing Fucking with my mind Will power is only one thing Maybe not worth hoping Psychedelic joking Drugging and Drinking Wishing won’t help me Losing ground quickly Warped out A.I. feeding Gotta’ stop the bleeding Sadistic joking Mental Choking Break out, I’m forcing this out of my Head Bridge/Lead C2 Cuz I don’t Choose Con-trol I can’t Lose Con-trol (3 times) V3 Spinning out of control Losing all my footholds Falling, twisting, turning Running out of time Doctors & Sponsors don’t know What the Mind Benders throw Sick or am I blinded? I hear Them all of the time C3 Cuz I can’t Let Fear Take hold I can’t Lose Con-trol (3 times) V4 Backed against a wall Now I hear the call I won’t be defeated Taking back my mind I’m not alone Not far from home Darkness receding Help me save me from myself It’s everlasting Eternal casting Tearing borders down I’ll will finish well Far from this Hell Now I’m releasing I’ve had enough of this shit!


released December 18, 2021

James Patrick Fuentes - All Strings

Mark Alan Luther - Drums/Backing Vocals

James Harned - Lead Vocals

**Johnny Manning - Backing vocals on "No Vacancy" and "S.T.D."
**Charles Morel - Guitar on "Static Audacity"


all rights reserved



SHOCKLORE El Segundo, California

SHOCKLORE began as a group of friends playing in bands together during the 1980's Punk, Thrash and Speed Metal scenes in Southern California. When we formed our goal was to put together a compilation of hardcore music encompassing all of our best combined influences from that great era. The result was 21 Face melting, and Provocative tunes that are as relevant today as the day we wrote them. ... more

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